Food Division

Despite the well matured food distribution industry in Hong Kong, Ponti has established a solid niche for its specialty food business.  Our passion for quality gourmet and health food has driven us to a continual seach for quality brands and manufacturers, many of which we have been closely collaborating for years.  With our unrelenting efforts, Ponti has developed ‘AIRBORNE HONEY’  from New Zealand to be one of the best selling honey brands in Hong Kong. Other brands we represent include ‘LONDON FRUIT & HERBS’ teabag and ‘WHITTARD OF CHELSEA' from U.K., ‘BUTTERFINGERS’ shortbread from Australia, ‘HELMUT SACHERS’ coffee from Austria, ‘FONTANA’ fruit juice from Cyprus, ‘GOLIGHTLY’ organic and sugar free candies from USA, ‘EDOUARD ARTZNER' foie gras from France, ‘LAKE CRYSTAL’ lake salt from Australia and etc.

Our distribution channels include:

  • Chain Supermarkets, Department Stores and Concept Stores
  • Health Food and Specialty Stores
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Sporting Clubs and Airlines
  • Bakeries and Food Manufacturers
  • Direct Sales
  • Wholesalers, Distributors and Traders